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TDPremier owner / representative, consultant / chef / project manager  is a promise to provide professional service according to his capability knowledge, availability, and circumstance.

We promise to help you as much as possible (according to our mutual contract), and so long we are paying for our service.

The restaurant business is a risky one, and success depends on many circumstances.

TDPremier assumes no liability for the availability or freedom from troubles of the services offered by client or customer roof. Nor does assume any responsibility or liability that the services by law (LCBO, HACCP, FSR regulations must be followed) offered by one of the partner enterprises under complies with statutory regulations.

 The consultation service is meant solely as a form of advice and direction with the concept of self-help. We are not liable for errors and omissions or others or any monetary loss.

There are no warranties and liability that extend beyond the contract description (if not in formal writing formal, legally signed by both parties in the presence of legal representation), the fact harrower.

Please consult with your legal representative and accountant, regarding hospitality-restaurant business investment.